Interview with Etty Yaniv for Art Spiel. Check it out here: Ryan Sarah Murphy - Arriving at an Unknown Endpoint


Pulp + Process

Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston , MA

Opening Reception: February 21st, 6-9pm

Curated by Sam Aldrich


Saturated Geometry, The Gallery at Mercer County Community College

January 28 - March 7  /  Opening Reception and Artists Talk: February 6th

Saturated Geometry brings together the works of five New York-based artists -- Robert Erickson, Ryan Sarah Murphy, Alex Paik, Richard Tinkler, and Andrew Zimmerman -- who look at both formal geometric abstraction and color in different ways. These artists draw from a variety of sources from observation to experience to develop their systems of abstraction. These works may utilize topics such as architecture, structure of musical composition, or process to create pieces that are both formally and conceptually saturated in some way. Curated by Professor Lucas Kelly.

Soft Grit

LoBo Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

February 8 - March 8

Opening Reception: Feb. 8th, 8-10pm

Closing Reception performance by Shani Ha: March 8th